OpenModelica Project

OpenModelica is an open-source Modelica-based modeling and simulation environment intended for industrial and academic usage.
Its long-term development is supported by a non-profit organization – the Open Source Modelica Consortium (OSMC).

This Trac installation is intended to help with the OpenModelica Project management, development, bug fixing, etc.


OpenModelica User's Guide

The OpenModelica User's Guide is automatically generated from the source code and available online

Modelica language and libraries online documentation
OpenModelica Style Guide
Details on the coding style and design patterns used in OpenModelica are here.
Writing efficient MetaModelica code
Details on how to write efficient MetaModelica code for the bootstrapped compiler are here.
Modelica Compliant Libraries
We have made a list with compatibility issues between tools.
To write compliant library follow this document.

Bug Reporting

End-user feedback is very important for us to continuously improve OpenModelica. If you find a bug, please first have a look at the open tickets to make sure it has not been reported already; you can also use the query page to look for a specific text in the summary or in the description of the ticket.

To submit a new bug report, add a new ticket from this link. Please provide a clear description of the bug and how to reproduce it; if you can provide simple test case to show what the problem is, that helps fixing the bug faster. You can attach files with source code to the ticket for this purpose. If you only have a test case involving confidential code, you can encrypt it using PGP (see the instructions) and attach the encrypted code; it will only be accessible by the OpenModelica developers for the sole purpose of fixing the bug.


Nightly Builds for Windows, Linux and Mac.


We run builds and tests using Hudson. Check the latest build and test status.
Check the status of the (in development) compliance suite of the Modelica specification.
Check the latest MSL 3.2.3 coverage with the new frontend.
Check the latest ModelicaTest 3.2.3 coverage with the new frontend.
Check the changes of the historical MSL coverage Check the overview of the C-runtime with the most common libraries or all tested libraries, as well as the C++ runtime.
Check the directory of all tested libraries.
Check the directory of all tested branches (see how new libraries hold up in older OM versions).
Check the OpenModelica C-code static analysis using CLANG here:
The issues we currently have with library coverage are collected in wiki page: CoverageIssues.


Participate in the compiler development and testing.


OpenModelica statistics can be viewed at github or Ohloh.
Old subversion statistics for OpenModelica/trunk.


For any issues regarding this site contact us.

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