Instructions for encrypting confidential test cases code for tickets


Make sure you have gpg installed and register the public PGP key with the following command

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 3716729F

Encrypt your file with the following command

gpg --output myfile.ext.gpg --encrypt --recipient myfile.ext

If you need to submit multiple files, please create a .tgz or .zip file and encrypt that.


Download and install the Gpg4Win software suite.

Start the Kleopatra application, select Settings|Configure Kleopatra, set the server address to hkps:// and click OK. Then, click on the Lookup On Server button, find the openmodelica string and import the key with email

To encrypt a file, righ-click on it, select Sign and Encrypt, check Encrypt for others provide the address, and click on Encrypt.

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