Bugfix release for 1.17.0. Scrapped in favour of 1.18.0

Bugfix release for 1.18.0

The main goal of release 2.0.0 is to provide uncompromised performance for end users. This means in particular:

  • achieving full coverage of Modelica Standard library 3.2.3 and 4.0.0, including conversion scripts
  • achieving full or nearly full coverage of open source Modelica libraries
  • providing full support of replaceable classes and models from the OMEdit GUI
  • provide full-fledged duplicate feature in OMEdit
  • providing much faster response of the OMEdit GUI
  • allowing to inspect and modify parameters and replaceable classes and models in hierarchically built system model

The main enabler of release 2.0.0 will be the new front-end, which has been under active development since 2016, and is nearly complete. You can check the coverage status of the Modelica Standard Library 3.2.3 and follow the coverage history over time in the figure below. As you can see, the frontend coverage of MSL has already reached 100%. The coverage of many other open-source libraries is available from this page.

There are many issues that need to be addressed to release 2.0.0, see in particular the list of blocker tickets

Multibody USR and SSR joints have wrong initialization values
Handle time events efficiently
Automatic generation of HTML documentation from Modelica packages
simulate API function does not complain on wrong parameters
Policy for the treatment of Modelica nonconformances in OMC
Dynamic State Selection doesn't work on simple planar pendulum model
Array dimensions on the type in a redeclare modification should not be allowed
Missing variable declarations in instantiated model when using expandable connectors
Operator overloading fails for matrices
Expandable connector resolution misses components
Problems with code generation - package constants in ExternalMedia
mapping of zero crossings to equations does not work properly
Redeclared models use wrong icon
expression simplify affects unit check module
Hierarchical editing of models
Summary of improvements for OMEdit GUI usability
Insufficient information about assertion violations
Partial binding of record sub-components in functions are lost
Equation count of models containing expandable connectors
Add a resimulate() function to the API
Add interactive simulation support (e.g., DynamicSelect display)
removeSimpleEquations is slow on large models
Unnecessary array instantiations
Clean up OpenModelica base libraries
3d-trajectories in OMEdit
Rename feature missing in OMEdit
Protected variables are incorrectly written to the result file
Better diagnostics for non-balanced models
Array of component: Too many equations.
Unify init.xml files of C and Cpp runtime
Out-of-bounds array elements undetected by front-end
Important missing feature: Allow save and opening of Modelica files containing syntax errors
Initialization of systems with dynamic state selection is not handled properly
OMNotebook: change in text in LaTeX cell does not show the star (*) in the filename
Bad strategy to solve rational equations
Improve warnings and diagnostics for missing start attributes in nonlinear systems
Incorrect evaluation of inner/outer and record dependencies
Unspecific error message: The given system is mixed-determined.
Artifacts in plotting discrete simulation using synchronous Clock feature
Complex 'sum' does not work
Automatic inference of nominal attributes for scaling
OMEdit fails to update relative class names to absolute ones upon duplicate
Model building statistics in Omedit
Document the symbolic transformation carried out by the various back-end modules
OMEdit should not hang for more than a few seconds
Processing arrays of records fails
[MetaModelica] skip cases for partial matches
Clock partitioning should be skipped in systems without clock partitions
Windows installers fail SmartScreen checks
Get Complex numbers to work without compromises
Badly wrong visualization in OMEdit in a simple case
Do not evaluate parameter-dependent assertions at each time step.
Avoid using DIVISION macros in the dynamic equations if the denominator is a parameter-dependent expression
Evaluate all parameters except some
Issue with DASSL/IDA and implicit systems with non-smooth functions
Better code generation for constant arrays
Allow to check functions (and other types of classes?) in OMEdit
OM accepts in a model a parameter with no value
[NF] Are public parameters allowed in functions by the Modelica spec?
NFEvalFunction.evaluateExternal is not yet implemented
Trim or possibly remove library patch files
Misleading and incomplete output regarding conflicting start and nominal attributes
Achieve successful simulation of 100% MSL 3.2.3 models with NF
Support the inverse annotation
PowerSystems models with redundant intial conditions cannot be handled by backend
Duplicate of model causes incomplete code
omc-based FMI import in OMEdit
Duplicate model function in OMEdit should work without compromises
MSL 3.2.3 FFT function does not work correctly
HRSG Cloned Library Component / re-occuring pump error
Modelica compiler should issue warnings when clocked equations appear outside of the when equations
Perform CI testing on OMEdit
OMEdit generates invalid displayUnit modifiers for arrays of parameters
Make the input of array parameters a humane experience
GUI annotations are not inherited correctly
Avoid confusing error messages from the solvers
Compiler fails when model name is too long in OMEdit
Proper handling of library versions in OMEdit
Sorting classes
OMEdit fails to open model, previously Totally Saved
Inaccurate simulation of systems with noEvent and saturations using the C runtime
AST_BatchPlant test case fails
Further speed up of NF API
Allow setting each and final prefixes via the API
Make Simulation Setup dependent of target language
Insufficient precision when storing sine phases
Implicit cast from Real to Integer
Inheritence of classes with same elements results in doubling
OMEdit does not check if added connections are valid
Including c-files from external_solvers for nonlinearSolverHomotopy
Cross compilation of FMUs for Win64 on Ubuntu is broken for some models working with files
OpenModelica FMUs seem to not report exact continuous states
Make it clearer who are the candidate states in dynamic state selection sets
FMU - ME accuracy
DXF shapes in animations are not displayed correctly
Some Model C-files are not included in modelDescription.xml
Two examples of the new Modelica.Electrical.Batteries package do not work with the new frontend
removeEqualFunctionCalls should be better documented and merged with comSubExp
Parameter with only start value not accepted
Handling of indexing in arrays of records
Linearize should be available from the OMEdit GUI
Multi(---) connection issue
OMEdit (nearly) deletes comments
Bad quality of SVG export of diagram view
Reload feature in OMEdit
OM erroneously prompts saving options in annotations
Support Modelica.Utilities.Strings.* functions directly
Issues with BranchingDynamicPipes and homotopy-based initialization
Model HeatExchangerSimulation fails when using homotopy
Allow to include in-package dependencies when duplicating
Enable/disable root finding
Problems displaying text on menus and other elments
Cannot input parameters redefined in child models using OMEdit
Unit checking is not performed on operator record equations
Make sure daeMode works in a reliable way
Constant is used without having been given a value
Achieve successful simulation of 100% MSL 4.0.0 models
MSL OpAmp simulation results in OM
Provide correct and efficient event handling in --daeMode
Update Save Total to NF
Sliced subscripts in Modelica.ComplexMath.sum fails at code generation
getEnvironmentVariable does not return any output
New Backend proposal
Save a proper result file when interrupting a simulation
MSL example model AIMC_InverterDrive fails to simulate
OMEdit does not handle correctly modified inherited parameters
Code foldings for ssp source code
Can't open wsl path from OMEdit under Windows
Graphical support to propagate parameters
Improve CVODE in C-runtime to production-grade
The NF incorrectly infers the variability of a function call in Modelica.Media
Unit checking scales with O(2^N) in case of large expressions involving +-*/ operators
Support of Visual Studio in OMEdit on Windows
The NF accepts illegal type declarations?
Display multi-dimensional arrays under collapsible trees as 1D arrays
Extend overconstrained connector semantics to handle dynamic branches
Automatically recognize if a model is best run with daeMode
OMEdit cannot handle simulations with more than 10000 variable comfortably
Omc doesn't check correctly the constraining-clause
Better diagnostics for over- and under-determined systems
Improve zero crossing functions by using continuous expressions

This release will further consolidate the quality of the tool after the 2.0.0 release, by addressing remaining long-standing issues and adding new features.

This milestone collects issues that do not have a definite target release version (yet).

These are tickets which need more external input in order to decide on further actions/progress.

Use this milestone for tickets that are invalid, duplicates or wontfix.

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