This released is planned for January 2021, in time for the 2021 OpenModelica Workshop and OSMC annual meeting.

This release was originally planned to add graphical support of replaceable classes in OMEdit (#2079), starting from the 1.14.1 codebase.

This took longer than expected and, eventually, back-porting it to the 1.14.1 codebase turned out to be pretty pointless. Replaceable class support is now planned to be released in 1.16.0. All other fixes to 1.15.0 are also available in 1.16.0.

Bugfix release for 1.16.0, if necessary it will accommodate some critical fixes that could not fit the release date for 1.16.0

The main goal of release 2.0.0 is to provide uncompromised performance for end users. This means in particular:

  • achieving full coverage of Modelica Standard library 3.2.3 and 4.0.0, as soon as it is released.
  • achieving full or nearly full coverage of open source Modelica libraries
  • providing full support of replaceable classes and models from the OMEdit GUI
  • providing much faster response of the OMEdit GUI
  • allowing to inspect and modify parameters and replaceable classes and models in hierarchically built system models
  • fixing many long-standing issues that are due to shortcomings of the old front-end

The main enabler of release 2.0.0 will be the new front-end, which has been under active development since 2016. The work plan of the new front end is detailed in #4138. You can check the coverage status of the Modelica Standard Library 3.2.3 and follow the coverage history over time in the figure below. As you can see, the frontend coverage of MSL has already reached 100%. The coverage of many other open-source libraries is available from this page.

Unfortunately, many libraries employ arrays of records, which turned out to be hard to implement in the new frontend, that does not expand arrays into scalars, to allow the implementation of efficient array-preserving backend and code generation modules. However, this issue, as well as the remaining less problematic ones, are expected to be resolved before the end of 2019. See #4138 for further details.

You can also check the performance on the new front-end on large models of the ScalableTestSuite library, comparing it with the ScalableTestSuite performance with the current front-end. The shown coverage is currently below 100% because of timeout errors on larger models.

This release will further consolidate the quality of the tool after the 2.0.0 release, by addressing remaining long-standing issues and adding new features.

This milestone collects issues that do not have a definite target release version (yet).

These are tickets which need more external input in order to decide on further actions/progress.

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