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Release Notes for OpenModelica 1.19.0

OpenModelica Compiler (OMC)

The new front end has been further improved, with over 40 bug fixes.

Several issues were fixed in the backend, most notably problems affecting event generation and issues involving algorithms and arrays, which led to a wrong diagnosis of under-determined system of equations. Overall, over 15 issues were addressed.

Regarding code generation 5 issues were fixed, mostly concerning corner cases that involved arrays, record, and slicing operators.

C Runtime

Remaining issues concerning Clock variables were resolved; so, starting from this version, the synchronous features of the Modelica language, in particular the Modelica.Clocked library, are now fully supported. The configuration of runtime and external libraries on Windows was substantially improved. A bug was fixed in daeMode that prevented correct event handling in state-less models, which now run correctly. Overall about 20 issues were fixed.

Graphical Editor OMEdit

The most important new feature in 1.19.0 is the fully integrated package management and conversion script support in the GUI. We suggest you to read the Package Management section of the user's guide for an introduction to the basic concepts.

The package management functionality is now available under the File | Manage Libraries menu. It is possible to install supported (or experimental) open-source libraries from the internet, and upgrade them when newer versions are released; all the required dependencies are installed automatically. The Windows installer by default also installs the basic versions of the Modelica standard library, as a fallback in case internet connection is not available, e.g. in corporate environments. All other libraries are no longer supplied with the installer and must be installed via the package manager. Off-line use of the package manager will be improved in future versions.

When right-clicking on a library in the libraries browser, a new context menu item "Convert to Newer versions of used libraries" is available. This allows you to convert your library to newer versions of its dependencies, once you have installed them. If the newer version of the used library is backwards compatible with the previous one, this just changes the uses annotation, otherwise, the conversion script is run automatically. The most common use of this feature is to upgrade models or libraries that you developed using the Modelica library 3.2.3 to use Modelica 4.0.0. We recommend that you use this functionality on your own libraries only; for libraries that you download from the internet, it is best to wait for the developers to perform the conversion and release new versions of their libraries, that you can then get through the package manager.

Support of the dynamicSelect annotation has been improved, although it is still not 100% functional in all cases.

The plotting of results has been significantly improved; appropriate prefixes are now automatically selected to avoid getting very large or very small numbers on the Y-axis.

Overall, over 40 issues were fixed since the previous 1.18.1 release.

Work is on going to provide full support of parameter-depending conditional connectors, parameter-depending dialog annotations, and editing of parameter modifiers in redeclared classes. Implementing these features requires a fundamental re-design of the way OMEdit interacts with the OMC environment to get the required information. These features should become available, at least experimentally, in the future 1.20.0 release.

FMI Export

  • Introduced support for interpolation in CS-FMUs by setting "canInterpolateInputs=true" in modeldescription.xml
  • Introduced support for getting partial derivatives in ME-FMUs by setting "providesDirectionalDerivative=true"
  • Lots of improvements to OpenModelica FMU export configurations (black box as well as source code FMUs).
  • Added source-code nonlinear solver CMINPACK to source-code FMUs
  • Basic source-code FMU compilation with CMake; cross compilation with Docker now available on Windows.

About 10 issues fixed.


  • Support of importing and exporting Units and UnitDefinitions to SSP files.
  • Support for getting directional derivative in OMSimulator using both Symbolic Jacobians and numerical approximation using KINSOL solver.

List of tickets closed in 1.18.0

List of closed tickets in 1.19.0. About 180 issues were resolved.

Next releases

A 1.19.1 bugfix version may be released if critical bugs are identified and resolved before July 2022. The next release 1.20.0 is planned to be beta-released in July 2022, and release in September 2022. On-going work to further improve the level of support of the Buildings library should ensure a significant improvement in the level of support of most Modelica libraries in that upcoming release.

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